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Hi there Beloved,

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Delia (pronounced Deli-uh), I absolutely love laughing, singing…although I cant carry a tune to save my life, I love God, love people, I love my two little fur-babies Spot and Mumu. I am a healthy eater and am totally open to sharing tips. I am really into personal development, in all areas of life. I’m always wanting to grow, improve and develop into the best version of myself. I married my bestie, he is seriously amazing and it totally doesn’t hurt that he is tall, dark and all kinds of handsome! Praise God! Yes!! Hallelujah!! Y’all, I’m so so glad I get to do life with him, every day is a fun adventure filled with laughter as there is never a dull moment with this man! Sometimes I wish I was as witty and spontaneous as he is but I will be satisfied if our kids get that gene! …and also get my good hair! Photo of us by Paige Beitler Photography

I am a total bookworm. I’m currently reading “Girl, stop apologizing” by Rachel Hollis. If you’re not currently reading this newly published book, you need to be! Above is the book cover, (I picked mine up at target, because it had an extra Target edition) and well, because I am a target-shopaholic, any other target-shopaholics here? Below is the link to a sneak peak preview of the first few pages, Yes! You’re welcome! I got you girl! “Girl Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis

I love my job, the people I meet, the places I go to, the friendors I get to work with and everything that the beauty business entails. In the upcoming posts you can expect to see topics relating to beauty, makeup, hair, weddings, photoshoots, giveaways, behind the scenes, and all kinds of girl talk galore.

I’m new to the blogging game but I’m a quick learner and a total perfectionist so I’m excited to dive in! The last time I remember doing anything similar to a blog was back when xanga was a thing. Some of y’all may not even know what xanga was…and well that just goes to show how long it’s been!

I’m thrilled about making this blog a place where girl talk totally happens and where you can find helpful tips, inspiration, and more! So, journey along with me on this fun, new, and exciting blogging adventure! I welcome and appreciate your comments- you are my guest, my audience and my inspiration, all rolled into one. Let me know what you would like to see in upcoming blog posts!

Your Beauty Bestie, Delia

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